Yes, they still make Bufferin

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I just assumed Jeff Sessions’ references were 30 years out of date. Then again, they’re rebooting Magnum, P.I., so time is making fools of us all.


Because it’s buffered.


White to off white? WTF?


30 years out of date probably feels radically progressive for Jeff Sessions.



Vintage indeed


hey buddy, wanna buy some OTC white? it’s the good stuff, none of that off-white shit


Jeff being from Alabama, I’m surprised he didn’t endorse a different pain reliever.

You wake up. The room is spinning very gently round your head. Or at least it would be if you could see it which you can't.

It is pitch black.

It is pitch black.

>turn on light
Good start to the day. Pity it's going to be the worst one of your life. The light is now on.

Bedroom, in the bed
The bedroom is a mess.
It is a small bedroom with a faded carpet and old wallpaper. There is a washbasin, a chair with a tatty dressing gown slung over it, and a window with the curtains drawn. Near the exit leading south is a phone.
There is a flathead screwdriver here. (outside the bed)
There is a toothbrush here. (outside the bed)

>put on dressing gown
You're not holding your gown.

>get gown
You can't reach it from the bed. The effort almost kills you.

>get up
Very difficult, but you manage it. The room is still spinning. It dips and sways a little.

>get gown
Luckily, this is large enough for you to get hold of. You notice something in the pocket.

>look in pocket
It's hard to open or close the pocket unless you're wearing the gown.

>wear gown
You are now wearing your gown.

>look in pocket
Opening your gown reveals a thing your aunt gave you which you don't know what it is, a buffered analgesic, and pocket fluff.

>get buffered analgesic
You swallow the tablet. After a few seconds the room begins to calm down and behave in an orderly manner. Your terrible headache goes.

Oh, that brings back happy memories:


They have to remind people that this “aspirin” they’re referring to is an NSAID.


I believe they are!   As I pointed out in the other thread, Bufferin is being made by Dr. Reddy’s these days, probably by Asian people in Hyderabad or Srikakulam. It seems odd for Sessions to be purposely shilling Indian meds, y’know?

As best I can figure out, after all the dust cleared from the FTC prosecution of Bristol-Meyers for false claims in the 70s and 80s, somehow Bufferin became a Novartis product. After the 2012 opiate contamination scare Novartis pulled it off the market for a year or two, and it recently turned up again as a Dr. Reddy’s product.


I guess they just offered Jeff Sessions a better product placement deal than the folks at Nuprin.


Unlike “Goodies” or powders with liver damaging acetaminophen.
BC powder is just powdered aspirin and caffeine.
I just put it directly under the tongue for a fastest effect. But I also like the taste of aspirin.
The bars around here sell it in vending machines as it’s a fantastic for hangovers.


Good to know. I also just realized his views of criminal justice are also stuck in the 1980s.


I seem to recall from high school chemistry that buffering is an actual thing, and not just an advertising slogan.

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I’m a Goody’s man myself.



This reference must be a real antique when my initial assumption on seeing the topic was “aha! a retro dig at Real Networks somehow still existing. I remember those days.” and it turns out that it was actually about a thing that was ancient back when Real was a glimmer in some VC’s eye.

They obviously know their endorser and those who follow his lead.

Buffered aspirin is when you try to get two tablets out of the bottle that is nearly empty but someone has inexplicably put the cotton ball back in. You shake vigorously and the broken pills come out slowly a bit at a time.

You still end up with a full dose eventually but it leaves a bad taste in your mouth and that frozen progress bar is annoying.

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