All Cops Are Buttheads

Now how about doing it here in the US too?

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Did Chicago PD consult on their setup? :rage:

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Didn’t need to-they could read all about it in the news, alas.

"The recent allegations levied by a former Baton Rouge Police Department narcotics officer are concerning to say the least. They allege a serious violation of public trust by some who are sworn to serve and protect our community.
As Chief Murphy Paul stated this week, these allegations are being taken seriously, and the Department is currently conducting a criminal and administrative investigation related to them. If the investigation determines the allegations are true, then those responsible for wrongdoing must be held accountable.

-BR Mayor Sharon Broome
from 2 years ago after the Narcotics Division that used the same warehouse were disbanded for their harassment and assault of local Black residents. Disbanding the narcotics division then led to the creation of the new Street Crimes Unit that used the facility since to harass and assault local Black residents. One of the 9 cops that was assigned to the new unit was Troy Lawrence Jr. who had already cost the city over 100K in prior assault settlements.
(both Broome and Paul are still in office, and their current statements are almost verbatim what they were 2 years ago)

But don’t worry all the members of the Street Crimes Unit involved in this round of racist violence have been punished by … being reassigned back to uniformed patrol.

and this story is getting very little local press. The Advocate, by far the biggest newspaper in Baton Rouge, has not run a single piece on it. This is exactly how this shit perpetuates



Jeez, they didn’t even find new digs? Evil and lazy.


Are cops routinely fired upon by car thieves?

Also, an update on an older case of cops arresting kids in an extreme manner:

The Orlando Police Department fired Turner due to the viral raid, which also prompted new legislation raising Florida’s minimum arrest age to seven.

However, Kaia’s family wants the minimum arrest age increased to 14.

So, after this incident they raised the minimum arrest age to one year older than the child they traumatized. :woman_facepalming:t4: I hope the family succeeds with their lawsuit.


Sounds like a good start!


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I had hoped for some justice here. Guess not.

My understanding of the dismissal is that an expert witness testified that on March 8, the day of the complaint, when Jonathan was placed in restraints in an observation cell, his condition was such that medical intervention would not have saved him. He died three days later of dehydration. He received no medical attention in the weeks leading up to being placed in restraints to die. There is no accountability. A prison sentence should not be a death sentence. He died because of willful neglect.

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“Placing somebody in a facility where there’s rampant, serious crime being committed by the people running the place is not exactly a promising way to rehabilitate someone,” Littman said.

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As if rehabilitation was ever the goal.


7… years… old…

I’m gonna guess there is a certain, complexion, that will earn a 7yo an arrest. The ongoing adultification of Black children, friends. Right there, in plain view.

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This, in and of itself, suggests that he very well could have been saved. IV hydration is not like, some radical new technology or anything. God, I hate this timeline.


Even Texas is 10 years. But it’s alarming how many states have no minimum at all, not even the completely inadequate and inhumane 7 and 10


Especially when the patient is unconscious. It can be difficult to place an IV when you have a combative patient but much less so when they are unconscious…