Charlottesville: Brave Students Protest Nazi Rally


But that’s what we like about you!



Lol, you’re using _their_language! J/K.

Honestly, though, outright violence does make it all worse. But nobody said we had to fight a war with our fists! Lots of other ways to take these jerks out. I like the idea of civil asset forfeiture for conviction of hate crimes. Has a nice ring to it.


WILD SCENE! Animals attacking each other: At Charlottesville White Nationalist Man Goes After White Woman, Who Fights Back


Perfectly said. And FWIW, I totally understand the anger. I’m mad as hell too.


Me too. You were right to call out my first post and make me restate things more clearly. I deleted it because it wasn’t useful.


Been there, done that. Counting on you and the community to call me out when I do the same.


Close enough.

It’s unlikely though. The idea that Trump would be aware of anyone who lived in Sunderland is laughable.


Indeed. About as laughable as his claim while a candidate that he didn’t know who former Klan leader David Duke is.


And now it’s murder.


The BBC are saying that one person is dead


Let’s not forget that it isn’t the first time that the alt-right have tried to kill counter protestors


Handful of unrepresentative asshats misguided individuals on Twitter making the rounds defending one idiot protestor who punched a journalist by suggesting no one should be criticizing any of the protestors because the other side is manifestly worse.

Now I don’t know if the protestor who punched the journalist is just ignorant or an Alt-Right plant, but antifascists do not attack journalists. If you do that, you’re part of the problem.

There have been two or three incidents of protestors trying to stop or discourage journalists from documenting this clash. They do not represent the antifa movement and they are helping the Nazis. We really need a coherent message that the world has to see what’s going on, and not to attack the Fourth Estate.


“White reflux.”


Just one.

The rest of his club are ok with domestic terrorism.


“Racist white people put Donald Trump in the Presidency” may be the only issue I ever agree with David Duke on.


With violent clashes breaking out today at a white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, former George W. Bush ethics lawyer and longtime Republican Richard Painter spoke out forcefully against the White House and his belief that the Trump administration has fed into racist rhetoric.


Not surprised if a direct link exists between D. Trump, S. Bannon and R. Spencer.


“George W. Bush ethics lawyer”



3 Down

Terrorism plain and simple.