Charlottesville: Brave Students Protest Nazi Rally


And this too


This is a pretty good question to tweet at Trump that I got off of metafilter:

“Do you denounce white supremacy, and shun your white supremacist supporters?”

That question should be the entirety of Trump’s twitter feed.


Drinks on me. Seems that kinda day.



The police will not protect us. Those who stand up against facism are considered killable. As Assata said, we must love each other and protect each other.


Holy shit! People are being thrown out of their shoes.

This photo needs to be on every political ad that the Dems run from here on out.

(I can’t find a credit for the photo)




He was just being ‘sarcastic’ or ‘joking’. Who the fuck can tell anyway?


Why are you surprised? He’s a psychopath. People are objects to him, and he can’t feel empathy. “Regards” is the best he is able to do. Since all he can do is observe a thing that happened.

If it happened to him, he’d be angry, because someone took something from him personally. Other than that, it’s outside his sphere of comprehension to actually feel anything. And he’s too spoiled and rich of a psychopath to even learn how to mimic real people.

He’s just an adult version of the kid that pulls the legs off of bugs. Except nobody’s ever told him that’s fucked up, and he never grew out of it.


I read @Brainspore’s comment as indignation, not surprise.


Yes, it does.



Am I the only one who noticed the car looks like the same make and model (later year) as-

Maybe I’m just reading too much into this.


It’s one of those nostalgia cars, but not very well done.

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As a white guy I read this and think to myself, “white fragility?”…


And as far as Chump’s “many sides” comment… eat a dick, you fucking asshole.

When assholes like Orrin Hatch, Marco Rubio, and Cory Gardner are speaking out against you…


Unsurprisingly, he made the Nazi’s cream themselves.


So much this. As they said on CNN he’s spent more time in the past 24 hours blasting Mitch McConnell than speaking out on this incident. And when he does, it’s in the most weaselly way possible.

ETA: fixed typo that was bothering me


He’s a fucking disgrace to the office, the country and the human race.


I guess I picked a good day to binge American Horror Story. The real world was much less cheerful. I made the mistake of reading the comments of some of the articles and tweets. Holy shit, the alternate reality some people live in…

Of course Trump is an utter failure again. If you can’t grow some balls and condemn elements that think they are better than others due to a few genes that regulate skin tone, or forgot what their grandparents and great grandparents died for in WWII, then you are in collusion with those ideals.

They may be getting louder but their overall numbers are still small. And the uglier they get, the more they will alienate themselves. Most people are saying this isn’t ok.


There’s something profoundly disturbing about a man who won’t hesitate to liken his own intelligence agencies to Nazi Germany but refuses to explicitly condemn actual Nazis.