Claudia Conway sneaks video of her mom Kellyanne cursing at her

I’m the only one that will lie around here! -Kellyanne


beat me to it.


ha! true…

I feel the need.


I disagree with all of Kellyanne Conway’s public behavior. I expect I would disagree with her parenting philosophy too, were I privy to it. Nonetheless, I agree with the spirit of your post; it’s impossible to understand the Conway family dynamics from the small windows we have, and that’s why I didn’t write that Kellyanne is a terrible mother or something similar.

Could be that I’m doing George a disservice, it’s possible that his steady hand is all that stands between video spats and public disembowelings. I kinda doubt it though.


It’s less the “fighting” part that convinces me Kellyanne is criminally unfit to be a parent than the “came home with Covid and lied to her daughter about it, thus exposing her own child to a potentially lethal disease” part.


Especially POC. If everyone starts out breathing, there’s a pretty decent chance someone will end up not breathing once law enforcement gets involved.


I feel like you should win some sort of award for this.


Regardless of whether you know the full story behind the posts, you know the fact that the posts were made. When a teenager posts in a public forum that their parents are abusive, the fact that the teenager decided to do that is alarming. The parent is abusive; the teenager is exaggerating without understanding that they could trigger a serious investigation; the teenager is lashing out with the intent to cause severe harm to their parents; the teenager is delusional, hallucinating, hearing voices; the other parent has instructed the teenager to this to get a better divorce settlement; the parents are getting the teenager to play some demented game in hopes of landing a reality show; ???.

I can’t imagine a scenario whether there isn’t something really, really wrong.

(Though this post itself seems to be overblown. “Cursing at her” made me think it was going to be vitriolic tirade. Kellyanne just said “fuck” once. Unless I missed part of it.)


or as my psychologist spouse who works exclusively with teens would tell you (after we discussed this very story)…teens can be incredibly manipulative.

Which if the case I would say probably apple falling close to the tree?

Again…I take all accusations seriously; but it does not mean I believe everything outright. Especially when I have the tiniest of info go on.

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Well, the video didn’t seem to cover the entire interaction. And, as part of a pattern of behavior (which we are also not privy to), just saying “fuck” once could be significant.

,I had a lot to say about this video, then I realized Claudia looks almost exactly like an HS sweetheart of mine, and I can’t even pretend to be impartial ^^’ .

Me thinks you’re missing the gravity of the situation.



It is fortunate for the human race that kids grow up to become adults, who are capable of forming their own opinions and are not doomed to perpetuate their parents’ mistakes.

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Even the ones that are total dicks (I’m looking at you Tokay Geckos and Alligator Lizards!) are far better company.


Ugh. Girlchild is still an elementary schooler, in that delightful “I love my parents unquestionably” phase.

not… looking… forward… to… the… teen… years…


My son was 15 when I got the 3 AM call from the police telling me that he wouldn’t be charged because apparently they were given the keys…

Its a very confusing thing to hear when you are trying to wake up.


Exactly so, that’s kind of the point I was making.

As impartially as possible, while I despise Kellyanne, she was just a standard, somewhat obnoxious mom at that particular moment; it didn’t seem like a particularly big deal, of its own (not knowing any other history of their interactions). But the girl I am referring to WAS abused mentally and physically by her mom, so I keep conflating them emotionally, even though I know they’re separate.

In other words, there’s no way I can properly judge Kellyanne Conway for this.

maybe I can just get some sort of head trauma and spend the next ten years in a coma…

TBH, I’m already seeing the young girls sniping at each other’s mental health thing starting to happen. It’s only a matter of time until the Mom/Daughter conflicts start.

And I of course am “he who fixes shit when it’s broken”. Yes. When all is not right with the world, and you have the power to fix something on your own, it’s much better to seek out dear old dad who’s probably just trying to steal a minute of quiet or some time to escape to the workshop and fix some physically broken thing…

I completely understand why some people become hermits.


Thankfully none of my three teens have given me such a call. Admittedly the most difficult and worrisome is only just 13 so I’m not out of the woods yet.

The point here is simply that while we should always take accusations seriously (specifically In The case of teens) we can’t just make assumptions. Teenagers are as capable as adults when it comes to manipulation and the presentation of “truth”.

And right now I am pissed off most that I am forced to empathize with Kellyanne Fucking Conway. She is the parent of a 15 yr old. All other issues and differences aside my god that alone is a fresh hell I can understand being trapped within.