Elections 2023 and 2024

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And the threat still exists.


Look man, you may be right that it will never get worse than it did. You may be right that all of the protections in place would prevent Trump if he tried it again, or someone like him down the road. You may be right that most of the military leaders aren’t cultist, fascists morons who would do what ever a president says.You’re right that J6 failed.

But that doesn’t mean that is how it will work out next time, or further down the time line. The guardrails only work because people are vigilant and maintaining them and bolstering them against attacks.

There were elements hoping that J6 would spark an armed insurgency or revolt. If Trump had pushed them a little harder off the cliff, I think they would have. If he had leaned into it and commanded everyone who supports him to rise it, we would have had something like The Troubles in Ireland, with small groups of armed political violence.

While I personally think that isn’t likely at this point that Trump becomes a dictator, I do think a smarter, more charismatic goon could rise up to be one, and we need to be ever vigilant. I can understand not wanting to get overly paranoid to where you are “shooting at every shadow in the dark”, but it’s also important to not get complacent and assume there is nothing in the shadows waiting to upend our democracy.


In my mind the hanging effort would have stopped after the first few gunshots from a SS agent. The mob just wasn’t that committed. Just like how the mob in the hallway got real quiet after one of them was shot & killed. Once blood flowed, a lot of them failed their gut-check.

Watching the size of the crowd during the speech worried me. If that crowd had attacked the Capitol, would have been much worse. Seems a large fraction decided to head home when the rioting started.

They’re traitors, and some of them should be hung. Once you’ve assembled a hangin’ device(1), no matter how shoddy, you’re a traitor.

(1): I just can’t unsee it.


You mean the Secret Service agents that Pence was afraid to get in a car with?

Yeah, I can picture it:

(Looking at the cobbled-together gallows)

“No, no, no, NO. This isn’t going to happen.”

Agent goes up to the structure.

“See that joint? That’s not going to hold this guy’s weight. He’s 215 lbs; you need to secure that lintel. Here’s some paracord to add lateral strength. Hurry up! This VP isn’t going to off himself!”


I’d love to be able to ignore them, all over again:

Unfortunately not all of them (then & there, nor here & now) are dumbasses.


I get ya, but we can’t… it’s critical we don’t… some are taking real damage from these assholes and we got to let them know we’re not gonna let them do that.

Even if they are, like I said above, they don’t need to be smart to destroy shit. They are doing a great job gumming up the works as it is…


it’s not a lack of education that inspire people to support ■■■■■

However, it’s also important to stress that 46 percent of college-educated whites still did vote for Trump [it was 50 percent in 2016.]. Democrats don’t exactly dominate among this group just yet, and it remains to be seen whether their gains here will prove durable.

uneducated people and poor people weren’t the ones taking vacations and buying plane tickets to descend on dc jan 6th. it’s people with privilege and money to spare who can do that sort of thing

( and just look at the senate or house, trumps lawyers, the conservative members of the supreme court, fox news hosts, and on. those are all educated people )

mostly, it’s about white supremacy. not education


This right here? Gaslighting. That is simply not what happened. Here is what happened. It should be required viewing for anyone who wants to comment on J6.

It shows the timeline and just how close J6 came to it’s tactical goals of removing Pence and delaying the confirmation vote beyond the statutory deadline.


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I was watching live as it fucking happened and I watched pretty much all of the committee hearings. It was not just a bunch of gawking tourists, nor was it just dumb idiots aimlessly attacking the capitol. There were people there with real plans to end our democracy as we know it. There was most certainly coordination between Trump and those elements. They came awfully fucking close to getting what they wanted.

So, once again, anyone downplaying what happened is very much gaslighting people, because what happened happened.


And we all watched it live.



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If someone can watch that video and continue thinking, “nothing happened,” there’s no convincing them otherwise.
One hypothetical I fret about in retrospect is, what if T actually walked anywhere? Imagine if, when he wanted to go to the Capitol after his rally and his driver/security detail said no, if he’d just gotten out of the car (or not gotten in in the first place) and marched with the mob. They would’ve been even more emboldened, and the understaffed Capitol police detail even less willing to use any force.
Downplaying J6 is akin to saying Kristallnacht was just a bunch of vandalism.


Tourists amirite? /XLs


Since we’re going there


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< begin expressions of weakness and dismay >
yes , there were warnings , and i had to sign in , and then there were more warnings ,
still , i persisted , and , now , i need to inject bleach with unicorns into my brain stem and visual cortex ,
really not good input for sensitive hippie types
scotch and soda ?? how about scotch and rum ! separate glasses , of course !
looks like i picked the wrong decade to stop snorting carfentayl

< end expressions of weakness and dismay >

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If that is all you are able to do, then do that. Voting is the foundational action to reclaim our country. I keep reading that is the least effective action, which might be true on an individual basis, but collectively it is the most vital thing we can do. Voting out every Republican Rep, Senator, Governor, Alderman and Dogcatcher needs to be the goal. Fascists need to feel afraid to raise their heads, like it used to be. Vote. Like our lives depend on it. Because they do.


Just to add on here, we need to be very careful in our voting, because the rules have changed. Locally, the school board is (theoretically) nonpartisan, and the candidates on the ballot have no party affiliation noted. The ads running now for a whole bunch of them bear tags like “conservative values” or “Republican endorsed.” If we are not careful and take just a few minutes to educate ourselves prior to casting ballots, we may vote for fascists without knowing it. Know your ballot, know who you are voting for. It doesn’t take long to research it. The fascists are very happy to explain their fascism, since in their silo it is very beneficial. We need to make it career ending.