Elon Musk takes control of Twitter, fires top management

Voice recognition? When you said rotary I assumed you meant the letters on the dial.


I don’t know if that would work. If you hear the description, you’d expect to speak the commands.

Now there’s an error I’ve not seen in a long time:


On an HP3000, it needed a privileged bit so the program could know where it was, and find its file.


Interesting. I don’t have an account & went out to look at a friend’s. Tried two others too.


Indeed, that’s my job: legal and compliance. Getting rid of compliance or having weak controls (or both) typically leads to bad outcomes. Just ask DJI ($150 Million embezzled from the company due to weak controls).


True, but usually there is a handover where the former exec provides knowledge transfer to the incoming exec. Of course, I’m used to relatively small and medium sized companies, and don’t have experience with companies in the Billion revenue range. Maybe the handover is easier when you add a couple zeros? :person_shrugging:


This is likely a safari problem . They’re a notoriously bad and dated browser and tend to do some CORSy things that websites and servers are starting to deny.


Not sure if this is stated here (too many comments to read through) but turns out the Trump memo was a hoax. Fact Check: Did Donald Trump Issue Statement Congratulating Elon Musk?

I’ll joke that he’s such a phony even his hoaxes aren’t real! But there’s that.

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There’s a big push it looks like in the Chans to create hoaxes that the “fake news media” will fall for because they “hate Elon and hate Trump and are biased.” They got numerous media outlets with that hoax Trump memo, and they got CNBC and ABC7 this morning with the fake “laid off Twitter employees, including Rahul Ligma”

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The opposite. This is Musk doing dumb shit because he always thinks he’s the smartest guy in the room.

[narrator: He isn’t.]


Musk makes me think he’s fallen victim to the rich person’s version of the Dictator Trap.

I won’t cry for him should his wealth be wiped out the same way Putin’s military is being savaged in Ukraine.

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I get what you are saying, I know that Twitter has a targeting value about me and my interests based on who I follow, but what I am denying them is actual ad views, much less clicks on ads as I only view embeds and don’t use the app, go to the site, and so on. Twitter is like other targeted ad sellers, that they offer bidding on keywords, demographics and hashtags, with some keywords more valuable than others.

So yeah, I imagine I would get ads targeted based on the information they have on me, but really? It’s just not a good investment to buy ads targeting me. Or maybe it is, because if I don’t see the ad, the advertiser doesn’t have to pay Twitter.


A best bet would probably be a lawsuit in a country that disallows hate speech. A lot of european countries do so, and in some it’s treated as a criminal case.


The solution to extremism is the same as it’s always been- you have to marginalize them. Extremism can’t be fixed. It’s part of the human condition. What we can do is contain it, keep it from spreading, and make it clear those beliefs are laughably out of step with society.

You know what the best tool for doing all that is? Deplatforming. This is why banning these people on social media, or even tearing down large sections of social media is the right thing to do. The cost/benefit ratio of giving Nazis the biggest bullhorn the world has ever known is not worth keeping a system that makes it easier to organize high school reunions or complain about the writing in the latest anime movie.


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I agree with everything except allowing all those evil nazis, racists, bigots, and every other group of hateful people dictate how I choose to interact with society or how the rest of society chooses to interact with me.

Ban them, fine, but who decides who to ban?

Some people think liberals should be banned.

It’s messed up and I doubt it gets fixed in my lifetime.

It’s not that hard.

If their thing is destroying people because of who they are, ban them.
If their thing is telling other people what to do because of their own beliefs, ban them.
If their thing is to cause harm to others by denying science, ban them.

Sorry, it’s not rocket science.


Thanks for mentioning it - I needed this topic for something else!

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