Individually-shrinkwrapped potatoes are why we must destroy capitalism

Fascism is capitalism in decay. And shrink-wrap.


How else can you tell whether the bananas are from one of the lineages that still have a baculum or one of the ones that have evolved not to?


i will say that if you suffer from severe arthritis in your fingers or if you suffer from a neurological disorder which reduces your grip or your dexterity a pre-peeled orange can be a godsend.


Those aren’t potatoes! They are obviously miniature fossilized big foot heads.


I’m waiting for the wonderful person who views this the same as shuck-your-own-corn and puts ten of these in their cart, leaving the plastic wrapping behind.


Sounds like marketing BS… I’m about 99.99% certain that there will be no difference in the time it takes to nuke a wrapped|unwrapped tater.

I guess I can see the utility if they are marketed to office folks to grab for a quick item to cook at work.


I once microwaved potatoes all the time, every day (this was in the days when about all I could afford was potatoes). They baked perfectly, almost as if they had some sort of semi-permeable barrier to keep the steam in. Amazing!


My microwave-baked potato takes 8.5 minutes. That’s fast enough for me since I really don’t need right-fucking-now potatoes. I can work on other dinner things, do stretches or planks or push-ups, or anything at all since it takes no supervision to micro a potato. And no, I don’t need a chip in it so it can text me when it’s done.

But I guess different spuds for different buds.


I peel my potatoes zero times. :laughing: Not to be a hipster about it. Peel if you want to. No skin off my taters.

(Someone’s going to come along and tell me that’s dangerous or something. *plugs ears*)

I see them in the grocery store all the time but the cost per unit makes them unappealing so I didn’t bother checking to see if they microwave awesome.

If I knew I was only going to use one or two potatoes before the rest went bad, it would be ok. Buying more units at a reduced price doesn’t save you money if the excess goes to waste. But what’s the likelihood I’m going to use just one or two potatoes.

:laughing: My current method involves putting a light layer of oil on the potato along with salt and pepper, forking the top/bottoms/sides, and nuking half the time on one side and half the side on the other.

I kind of doubt the bag improves the process enough to forgo my (borrowed from the internet) method. (I only microwave them in the summer anyway. Even with … artisenal microwaving, oven baked has a texture I like better.)


Microwaving plastic wrap releases a boat load of toxins. The plasticizers vaporize and then condense on the food. I wouldn’t recommend it even if the manufacturers claim it’s safe.

Potatoes have an incredible shelf life and a built in wrapper so what utility the plastic provides I fail to see. Even in the oven or micro. Just put a little oil on the skin and … Done.


Exactly the same with me…

I recall that my mom used a rack like this to bake them:


10 minutes to peel and cook potatoes = more important than protecting the environment

Water can be reused for other items and watering plants. Peelings can be used for compost, feed.

I love that you posted this unnecessary and wasteful cruft on the same thread mocking unnecessary and wasteful cruft, yet you ignorantly posted it as if you were the clever one who found a neat trick.


To plastic, or not to plastic,

That is the question,

Whether 'tis nobler to suffer the disease and waste

Or misfortune…


Fuck profit.


You forgot to add Icky-non-GMO-unhygenic-unwrapped potatoes.

Who would eat that? Ugh!

Nice :banana:

Here in Japan they’d be double wrapped

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They look like something you might find in the cargo hold of a crashed UFO. And not in a good way.


Potatoes, bread, and baked beans. They make some very reliable friends.


And pass the goddamn butter.

And the potatoes, real ones as Jah intended, not GMO’d, baked in real oven, or in the hot coals of a campfire.