Karen fails to impress this skateboarder

Karen is not far from committing assault.


I remember when I was a boy and everyone would try to get you off your board. Usually the police would end the fun and take the board for keeps. ACAB and always have been,


It’s interesting that he puts on a mask, protecting her even as she tries to hurt him.


OMG - imagine if that pig was wearing a mask!!!


Oh come the fuck on already. That’s a 2 second clip of a completely different guy, with zero context.

You’re fishing for a reason to believe that the woman was justified in policing that bit of pavement, and that’s nonsense.

From the evidence we’ve all seen, she is neither a police officer nor any other sort of security guard. Nothing she’s doing is for anyone’s greater good here. She’s being an asshole and you’re trying to find ways to justify it, based on some real questionable prejudices, like “we don’t really know what’s going on but I’m 50% sure that they’re both at fault here.”

Sometimes WYSIWYG, and in this case, it’s a woman being an asshole and committing (or trying really hard to commit) assault.


Likewise, skaters have been carrying around recording devices for about 3 decades now. If some regular Joe wants to attempt shoving someone off their board, you can bet it’s gonna get captured.

It’s a damn miracle that they’re (for the most part) mature enough to not throw hands immediately in response, because that’s certainly what I do.


You monster.

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Sorry meant to post this link which has context. But looking at the clips again you’re right, probably a different skater. All the clips are posted to the same instagram account so I guessing (work with me here) that the skaters and the filmer all know each other.
I agree the lady should have just walked away after whatever happened before hand. And as I said I don’t condone her activities, she is in the wrong in the clip.
Maybe 50% is too lenient when appointing blame. Maybe she has a random dislike of skaters and enjoys trying to police them? Maybe something happened? As you said with my other link there is no prior context in the video, so we’ll never know.

It doesn’t matter what happened before the recording started.

The woman had every opportunity to walk away. She repeatedly chose to further engage.

The skater continued to both attempt distancing himself and engage in his activity with his friends.

The group that the skater was with repeatedly instructed the woman to leave.

The woman continued - despite being completely aware that the crowd was telling her to stop AND that she was in full view of the public AND being recorded - to continue harassing and attempting to shove/trip the skater so he’d fall. There’s no other outcome plausible for when someone is riding a wheeled vehicle and someone is trying to stop their progress. She wanted him to fall. She’s not trying to “prevent property damage” or whatever other justification she’s cooked up in her entitled mind.

She wanted to intentionally injure someone because she felt that she was entitled to do so. Fuck her and any attempt to justify her behavior.

EVEN IF the skater had just seconds earlier murdered an entire box full of kittens, infants, and your great aunt Helen, that woman still bears zero responsibility to police his actions herself.

Leave people alone. Mind your own fucking business. Don’t start nothing, won’t be nothing. Talk shit, get hit. These are all lessons that we learn, in some form, at an early age. It’s not rocket surgery, but clearly this woman could benefit from a refresher course.


I beg to disagree. As Gouldner said context is everything. I’m not defending the lady or her actions I am just trying to figure out why she is acting like that.
You say “Talk shit, get hit”. If I film the second part of that and show it out of context you would come to a different conclusion than if you saw the whole interaction. Personally I don’t agree with hitting someone if they talk shit, doesn’t matter how much I disagree with them.

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Rocket surgery. (Chuckle)


I’m not a skater, but I really don’t understand the hatred society has for them. How are they bothering anyone? Is this just lingering moral panic from the 1980s about how it’s something something ruining kids?


I don’t get it either, but here we are, still trying to figure out how we can spread around the blame from the evidence that a single video provides, because I guess we can’t just take “assholes being assholes” at face value anymore.


Repeat after me:

She. Is. An. Entitled. Asshole.

/insert Maya Angelou quote we’ve been using for the past 4 years


I don’t get it, either. I remember (vaguely) reports of some damage to property, mainly by grinding off sharp edges on granite curbs, etc., while shredding. But the reaction seems way out of scope with the (alleged) minimal damage. Maybe there were roving bands of purse-snatching skate-boarders that we’ve all conveniently forgotten? (Narrator: there were not.)
I don’t wish this kind of reaction to anyone, but if I could decide its focus, it would be upon those horrible scooter rental companies that clog up the public commons with their contraptions, enriching themselves at the expense of the rest of us trying to use the public byways to access shops and whatnot.


That usually only works when it’s certain kinds of people calling to complain about certain kinds of other people.


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Even without touching him, Karen is committing common-law assault (which, if Skater was injured as a result, would be enough to win him damages), which only requires that she threaten offensive contact. Once she makes offensive contact, she’s committed battery.


Skateboarders are doing something that looks scary and therefore I am afraid and therefore skateboarders must be stopped. I cannot be allowed to experience negative emotions. The world must adapt to me.

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