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Cut out paper shapes?

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Yea, just a $2 craft paper book from WallyWorld, touch of glue & a pen to do outlines. Now that I think about it, I actually think it cost less than a “real” card (sans time).


Kiddo thinks they are super cute.

Suggested bigger buttons on the little one, for big eyes. She likes big eyes like those Beenie Boos.


Does making a fresh lasagna using garden produce count?


I don’t see why not, though there are more specific threads, depending on how much detail you want to provide.


Wasn’t quite sure where best to post this, but, since I need to get crafy.

Soooo… I was at the BB store (I know, live and learn) and got this:

…but the underside of the titanium is shredding my CC’s when I take them in/out. I had been using a business card on the top/bottom to keep that from happening but it gets shredded when you take a card completely out and want to put it back on top.

I was thinking of lining it with a thin sheet (010 or 020) of model plastic cut to fit with some 3M 77 to hold it in place - but I’m not 100% sure that’ll hold with repeated card I/O.

Anyone have any ideas for a better solution?


Do you have any close up pictures of the sharp edges?

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This help?

This is the opening opened. Damage is caused by the wallet always being tight (which is good). When the raised numbers etc on a card, or even the mag strip on the bottom, are slid in against the top that friction is enough to grind then down.


I see. The model plastic sounds like a solid idea. If you have the skills necessary to make it not look like crap, you might try gluing black felt around the plastic shapes before screwing them down. It will increase the thickness, but may help keep the grinding down.

If it were me, because I wouldn’t want to mess with cutting the plastic and drilling new holes, I would cut some rubber matting and glue it down to both surfaces. As long as it goes out to the bleeding edges, it should be enough. It might make sliding the card in less of an option, but that would also help reduce card wear.


Nice trackball.

My solution would be to get two old loyalty cards that you don’t mind losing and supergluing them to the inside of each side of the wallet.

The other cards should slide against a plastic card better than against rubber or plastic, but this solution should also should grip well enough (because the wallet is designed to hold cards like that together and yet let them slide out). Plastic cards shouldn’t be grinding down other plastic cards too quickly, and it should be durable enough that you shouldn’t need to replace it for a good long while.

And they should already be exactly the right size and shape for this project.



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New tool today (well, new to me but used from a friend). My CNC mini-mill:


Doesn’t the keyboard run the risk of getting jammed by swarf?

It is a temporary keyboard because the one I plugged into it first didn’t have page up and page down, which are needed for moving the z axis in mach 3. I’ll have a cheap plastic one (which won’t be living on the cart when it is cutting).

We were testing the homing sequence. My friend brought it 50 miles to deliver it (after breaking up the pieces to move) and he put it all back together for me.


All good then.

There are so many wonderful things here I want to comment on but I’m days behind so…let’s play “Find The Fish”.


I needed a zoetrope for an animation class I’m teaching next week and couldn’t find any suitable ones in time, so today I just made one out of an old turntable. One nice thing about this approach is that I can set it to a constant speed of 12 frames per second (16 frames at 45rpm).

ETA: Yes, I shot this in vertical video. I am a bad person.


Have you considered printing out frames from an animated gif to turn them into an animated loop? You know, to make this stuff relevant to the kids of today?


Man, I was just watching that show with the kids yesterday. D actually asked “why does this Batman have a big tummy?”