More than half of Republicans support Christian nationalism

Didn’t go well then, not seeing it going better now.


Cause and effect. my friend. Get the arrow pointed in the right direction. German fascists were inspired by American fascists, Muslim fundamentalists took their inspiration from Christian fundies. Implying otherwise is not accurate.


Here’s a strategy. Let’s get some left/center-left theologians to take them at their word and interview/grill them on the meanings of things in the bible. “Isn’t the bible great? What’s your favourite passage? I love all the stuff about loving thy neighbour and how heaven isn’t for the rich.”


I’m not sure that would work. Many of them are very good at mouthing the noises of forgiveness and charity while being vindictive and greedy in their thoughts and actions.


They firmly believe in “love the sinner, hate the sin”.

You can ask some LGBTQIA+ people from Xtian families what that means in reality. Often it is domestic abuse and conversion therapy.


Yeah. I married into a very religious family and, uh, they aren’t exactly paradigms of the book that they have several prominently around the house.

Several times I’ve surprised them with quotes from it, as I’ve read it as a book, that they didn’t even recall existed. Especially the ones on homosexuality (which came to a head when one of the nieces married a woman) which conflicted with what they believed had to be there.

There’s plenty of fire and vindictiveness in the first part and plenty of forgiveness and niceness in the second. Neither of them like polyester though, so pick your battles.


The survey also found “five core attitudes” associated with Christian nationalist beliefs: anti-Black racism, anti-immigrant views, antisemitic views, anti-Muslim views, and patriarchal understandings of traditional gender roles.

So basically white supremacy? That checks out.


It isn’t two parts though, it is at least nine different parts, all chopped and mixed up.


They will not talk to such, and dismiss them as pawns of satan.

They do not care about the facts of either the bible or the constitution, they care about power.


Ecclesiastes 1:9
What has been will be again,
what has been done will be done again;
there is nothing new under the sun.


I was simplifying into old and new testament, but you’re absolutely correct. It’s more like reading a trapper keeper full of papers from a class than a single or pair of notebooks.


Absolutely this.

Yeah, they have lots of experience in doing that, like those versions given to enslaved people:


Holy shit. TIL.

Thank you.

Sometimes history doesn’t just confirm my worst suspicions. It shows me I was too damn optimistic about people.


That’s… I can’t sufficiently describe that.



Half of this repeats what is pointed out in the article, but with a lot of additional complaints about how and why a museum advertised or presented an exhibit. I guess putting “Slave Bible” in quotes wasn’t enough to make it clear that that it wasn’t what a theologian would consider to be a bible. :woman_shrugging:t4:

The commentary about how the Bible has been used to convert, control, and exploit people - as well as how passages could be interpreted in ways that support or condemn slavery - is always interesting, but wasn’t anything new. This particular text was the point of the exhibit, and I doubt very much that it’s making anyone who’s read the original believe that there aren’t bad things about the source material. Of course, that’s just one of many complaints about the Museum of the Bible. Fortunately, the work is back at Fisk University, where the author of this article can examine it, free from the manipulations and machinations of any museum.


WTF? Where did I blame anything on brown people? Are you replying to the right post?

When you wrote “Christian Taliban” like religious extremism was learned from the Global South instead of the other way around.


Taliban. The Christian right in American did not model themselves after the Taliban. This has been a major strain in American right wing politics for literally decades. It minimizes the problem here, by just assuming it’s a version of what’s happening abroad. I’d MUCH prefer that we understand this problem as a white supremacist problem, and assuming that they are just like Taliban (which, they actually are not, even if we can discuss a set of global religious movements opposed to modernity) just hides the racism involved in the current right wing Christian movement, I would argue.

Plus, as @DukeTrout there is a strong, and probably more historically accurate argument to be made that such movements like the Taliban has some influence from the west instead of the other way around. I don’t want to say it’s entirely it, but the backlash against secular modernity most likely stems from the west rather than the other way around.


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