Neo-nazi arrested while "planning" mass-shooting at Walmart

True, but a GOOD meth addict with a gun could have stopped a BAD meth addict with a gun. Hence, arm as many meth addicts as possible.


They will ignore the Turner Diaries, Neo Nazi flags, social media presence and focus on that flag. One which admittedly is interesting looking, depicting a sword.


his mugshots show a lot of facial sores characteristic of ongoing meth use, so some skepticism may be in order about the credibility of his threat.

Jeez, stereotype much? Not every wingnut is a meth-head (although many meth-heads are wingnuts). For all you know the guy has chronic acne, or just sensitive skin.

Or hooked on meth…


I’m not so sure about that. We’ve seen plenty of the capitol insurrectionists flip on dear leader as soon as they get arrested and realize that for the first time their privilege isn’t going to protect them.
It’s fundamentally about them. Their insecurities, their fears, their projection of all that onto people that really have nothing to do with their “problems”. eg. when the threat from law enforcement becomes greater than the threat from “the libtards” or “the Jews” or whoever it is that they’re pushing their projection on, they crumble and start squealing.

Yeah, it’s probably unrealistic, but it would be nice to see the focus turn inwards rather than outwards with these groups. And “divide and conquer” has always been a good tactic…


To those confused by the variety of flags, all of them represents the exact same idea: Monotheistic Ultranationalism.

It doesnt matter if one is neo-pagan, evangelist, wahhabist, falangist, or orthodox. All of them represent totalitarian states with a single dominant religion at its core.


That’s not plain Cyrillic, that’s your old-school Church Slavonic.


Jo Cox’s murderer wasn’t a threat until he was, and by that time he had assassinated an MP. Before that he was just seen as a harmless person with some fringe political views.

It was the same story with the guy behind the 1999 nail bombings, no danger to anyone until he put bombs in the Admiral Duncan pub (LGBTQ+ community), Brick Lane (South Asian community) and Electric Avenue (Black community).

It keeps happening, and I seriously have to ask if people are more concerned about not being seen threatening the rights of far-right terrorists, while ignoring those of their victims. (I don’t believe that @beschizza is doing this, but I have seen other people do it too many times and it sometimes happens here on the BBS)


Serb nationalism is a big thing on the far right.

The Christchurch shooter is a self-styled “kebab removalist”.


Except a large percentage of them have not flipped, and in fact many of them were released to await trial.

They function with the world view that they are “right” because our society is still a white supremacist society that supports that notion.


I finally had time to RTFA. You nailed the Spanish flag. Yeah I think Saudi Arabia is #goals for someone like that. They may not like the Quran or Sharia law, but they want their own religious authoritarian state.

A photo posted by the sheriff’s office, which can be seen above, shows the items that were seized from Blevins’ home. The flags seen in the photos include, from left to right, a Neo-Nazi astany black sun flag sonnenrad banner, a confederate flag, the flag of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Falange Flag, a symbol of the fascist Falangist party of Spanish General Francisco Franco. Another flag on the table is the calvary cross version of the Russian Christian Orthodox symbol.


Bleargh. Where to begin, with this hot mess? Here’s a breakdown of the items, and an explanation of Blevins’ seemingly haphazard shrine to racist ideology and terrorism. Blevins is clearly a follower of–and heavily involved with–eco-fascism, Trad culture, accelerationism, and Christian nazism. As someone smarter than me noted:

This is not a random collection of unrelated radical paraphernalia. As a whole, the collection represents a form of Russian fascism espoused by Aleksandr Dugin (Fourth Political Theory) underpinned by “Eurasianist ideology.” The ideology contains a wide variety of currents and intellectual traditions, which is why Jung, the Q’uran, and the Confederate, Eastern Orthodox, and Saudi flags are all there together. Among other things, Dugin advocates Slavic-Turkic and Russo-Arabic alliances. This isn’t a haphazard collection; it’s a streamlined, cohesive, and very dangerous–albeit multifaceted–ideology.

EDIT: Others have already identified the flags and one book is covered by another so its title is unknown. But here you go. Via.


just remember addiction isn’t a moral failing, white supremacy is.

ive known a handful of excellent people over the years who’ve had amphetamine addictions, pills or street drugs. it’s not all that uncommon to get started trying to cram for college, trying to work too many back to back shifts, or just having fun recreationally and falling over that line. ( just like opioids can get people who initially need them for pain )

meth seems to be ( purely anecdotally ) one of the easier drugs to kick, but it’s still plenty hard.


#7 Pew Pew Shootyboom freedom dispensers

Tell me that one is a onion joke? And not an actual Thing?

The identifications are sarcastic but not fictional. Look at how the Confederate flag (item 2) is described.


Ah, ok. I was taking that picture to be an actual, official listing (put out by the investigators), rather than a snarky interpretation of what is in the picture. When zooming in, I guess the “pew pew” refers to ammunition, rather than some white supremacist product I had previously been blissfully unaware of.

I absolutely did not even blink at the description for #2. That seemed like a perfectly reasonable and correct description to my brain.


Update: The syringe shirt has been identified as “InJekt Division” a neo-Nazi/white-supremacist group. Blevins was a member of the group and was known as “Korb Taran.”

More information. Warning: this is a deep rabbit hole of weirdness.


Number 2 descriptor: yoink!

And also: Welcome to bbs!


Thanks for the info, and welcome to BoingBoing.


Which is pretty much on-brand, isn’t it? There isn’t a single flavour of fascism that hasn’t been cobbled together from a multitude of (sometimes even contradicting) sources; with very little (or no) original thought. Some more coherent than others, but it’s always a pretty mixed bag of crap.