NYT: Tucker Carlson was fired for racist text message: "Not how white men fight" but "I really wanted them to hurt the kid"

Based on how this is written, this sounds like it is from a draft of something he planned to present on his show. I think you are right, the intent is to make the audience feel okay about seeing or committing politically/racially motivated violence against people they view as adversaries.

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The text actually makes Carlson look better than usual, like he might have a conscience hiding under that festering pile of shit. But I don’t imagine for one instant that he was sincere about caring what happened to the “antifa kid.”

It’s low cunning. A chameleon doesn’t have to be smart to blend in.

Yep this is a whole bunch of rationalisation to

This hits the nail on the head. This message is Tucker doing some text-book rationalisation to convince himself and/or whoever it was sent to that he’s a good guy, really.

"Yeah, kill that kid!.. hold up, wanting to see a bunch of people beat a kid to death and enjoying it is what bad guys do? Am I a bad guy?
No, no that kid is Antifa, he hates people like me. He’s probably the type of sick fuck who’d enjoy seeing someone like me beaten to death and wouldn’t even feel bad about it. He’s the bad guy, he deserves this. I’m not even enjoying this really, it’s more like a sense of just satisfaction - but like mixed with sadness because he’s a person, theoretically, but he made this necessary… yeah, that’s it… "


Empty soul searching indeed - just asking the questions is not enough. You actually have to think about how you might answer them and reflect.

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See, especially @gatto’s comment above…


That right there is what makes Carlson so effective as a mouthpiece for fascism and white supremacy.

He is introspective and his introspection has confirmed his fascism, white supremacy, and justifications for violence.


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He’s not dumb, or expressing remorse for his abhorrent views, or confused, or any of that. He knows precisely what he’s doing. He’s wealthy, well-educated, and understands how the media works and how it can be used to organize a fascist movement. He’s all in on this shit…


I had the same thought. I thought at first it was fake. It’s so composed, written in full sentences, the narrative is developed—it just doesn’t seem like a text message to me. Then I remembered that I can plug my external keyboard into my phone and it becomes easy to write longer stuff. Or I can text from my laptop if I want to, and copy/paste to my heart’s content.

And, as @carrma said

I agree.

(In case you haven’t happened to see it by now) According to the NYT article:

[…] sent to one of his producers in the hours after violent Trump supporters stormed the Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021, […]


After I posted, I thought of voice-to-text - though I don’t think a voice-to-text would be as well composed. I’d totally forgotten about the laptop-to-phone interface!

And thanks for the recipient info!


Isn’t “it was a confidential part of the Dominion settlement” an option? Weird not to see that speculated about in the news I’ve seen on the topic. IANAL; not sure if that’s realistic …

This makes sense. Especially if she ascribes to all Tucker’s beliefs, and wanted Murdoch to spend part of his remaining hours on this Earth tanning his balls.

Yeah, he seems to have been soundboarding: Testing out what phrases to use in his broadcast later that day, what will thread that narrow path, hitting all the points:

  • First and foremost, he himself was not culpable and didn’t approve of this kind of violence.
  • He wanted to demonstrate that he is at once the Common Man, like his viewers, and also a Deep Thinking Man; this would encourage his fanbase to psychologically exonerate themselves in the same way.
  • He hoped to encourage his viewers: Remember, you are better than them, and probably you should publicly denounce violence and bad stuff – because that’s what they do, those leftist scum, who hate you and your family – but, c’mon, admit it, doesn’t it feel good to acknowledge how much you hate those filthy vermin and want to see them die? I mean, gosh, I sure hate feeling this way, because it might almost lower me to their level, but God knows, it’s our right and duty to hate them!

Tucker is not a dumb guy. He has teams of people working with him to help navigate these paths, and he has managed to avoid liability through years of encouraging his fans to betray their own well-being. (I’d love to see a statistical analysis of U.S. counties’ per capita Tucker viewership correlated with COVID-19 death rates following availability of the vaccines.) And he almost weaved his way through this, too, but he was undone when he let the mask slip, allowing all to see his tragic flaw: That he is a venal, racist, woman-hating, self-serving, sociopathic turd.


No, he’s not; Fucker is an evil opportunistic bigot, and he’s yet another hate monger whose obituary will be read with much glee and satisfaction.


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It would seem there’s lots of reasons to have fired him. The video is at the link below.

TUCKER CARLSON: Can I ask you a question? You don’t have to answer, it’s personal.


CARLSON: I’m not speaking of you, but more in general with ladies, when they go to the ladies room and “powder their noses,” is there actually nose-powdering going on?


CARLSON: Oooh. I like the sound of that.

MAKEUP ARTIST: Most of the time, it’s lipstick.

CARLSON: Do pillow fights ever break out? You don’t have to, you don’t have to —

MAKEUP ARTIST: Not in the bathroom.

CARLSON: OK. Not in the bathroom. That’d be more a dorm activity.


CARLSON: I’m sorry, [REDACTED]. You are such a good sport. Such a good person. Thank you. I know you do, but you do not deserve that. And I mean it with great affection.