Re-categorize some topics plz?

hey @sam or @codinghorror or @Felton,

Would one of you be so kind to re-categorize the Badass Space Dragon threads from “dizzy” or “meta” to “games” so folks can find them easier?

Copying @patrace as these are his threads, but I presume he will agree.


Here’s the URLs

Badass Space Dragon - Final Results

Badass Space Dragon - Round 5 - The Rift

Badass Space Dragon - Round 6 - A Tiny Problem

Badass Space Dragon - Round 3 - Malted Mayhem

Door Game - Badass Space Dragon

Badass Space Dragon - Round 1 - Hot Commodities

Badass Space Dragon - Rules & Gameplay

Badass Space Dragon - Round 4 - Kill Don Mondo

Badass Space Dragon - Round 8 - Stonks and Stones

Badass Space Dragon - Round 7 - Sans Sheriff


Did we miss any?


I’m ok with whatever the forum folks decide. Huzzah! Taxonomy!

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I missed #2
Badass Space Dragon - Round 2 - Flapjacks

Think that’s it. Thanks Sam!

FYI - the search results window, including the “show more” version, felt a little cramped for my specific use-case of searching on “badass” to collect all the related URLs. I don’t have a suggestion for changing it, just winging some amateur UAT comments.

Yeah, we do plan for a less cramped (topic list page) style search, just have not gotten around to it yet.

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Good news, when you make it to the mythical trust level 3, you will be able to recategorize and rename topics yourselves.* It’s in the works now as I speak, maybe by the end of next week will be live.

The type of people reading these words are likely to be promoted to TL3 soon. Still working out the exact details…

* You obviously won’t be able to affect topics in the “Boing” category since those are protected, but any other category is fair game.



Are there going to be any other search options such as within a time span or limited to posts that you’ve read? I ask because I recently went looking for a particular post using a word that I knew was used (“corrections”) and the search failed to it. I tried moving to the category page, since I was pretty sure it was in Meta, but still that particular post didn’t show up in the results.

Search automatically scopes to the user if you initiate the search from the
user’s profile page. This also works for categories.

(however there is no other scoping available at the moment)

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jesus, where’s the list of all the out-out-of-scope features you haven’t thought about!?! :slight_smile:

No, I understand there aren’t any other search scoping options currently available. I asked if there were going to be any more added because the current ones are inadequate.

Searching from a user’s profile isn’t that useful if you can’t remember the author and searching from the category page failed to work entirely in this case. If you go to the Meta category page and search for “corrections” that particular post won’t show up at all, even if you expand the list with the “show more” option.

Interesting. It works fine if I search for “inadequate” but “corrections” indeed must be too common a word. We do have some advanced search page stuff planned sometime this year.


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