The Notorious RBG is cancer free and will return to the Supreme Court


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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez quotes Rorschach from Watchmen

I saw the headline and said “ISN’T BIGGIE SMALLS DEAD” and then I realized it was RBG…


Anyways… long my she reign!


Hang in there, Yer Honor!




Guts of steel. Stick with us, RBG!


nobody is “cancer free”
your body is fighting it at all times in amounts that are not detectable.
it is only a problem when it overwhelms your defenses.

still, this is good news to hear. I hope she lives to 100+ and is on the bench doing what she loves that entire time.


Well gee; ain’t you just a welcome ray of freakin’ sunshine.



Yeah I know. Reality sucks.




And yeah, cancer survivor here. I know the score. Not feeling your pedantry was particularly productive.




Exercise Keeps Breast Cancer Survivors Alive Longer

I donb’t think it is pedantic to discuss the way cancer works and how you can protect yourself from it. This is an article about a cancer survivor after all.


Someone with more skills than I might think to make he one of those collars out of RGB’s.
She would look ever so slightly more baddass, if that is possible, with flashing rainbows around her neck.


I’m surprised that the supreme court doesn’t play a bigger role in election rhetoric. As in “no matter what you think of candidate X, think about how he/she/it will influence the court for decades to come”. Seems to me to be among the most significant legacies of a presidency.

On topic: good for her, live long and prosper.


From outside the US, so many of your ways of doing business seem bizarre. This 85year old must stay alive and keep working to prevent the crazy cheeto installing a conservative judge.


It may not be the most mentioned topic, but I suspect that’s more because the voters are already aware of it, so there’s not too much to be gained by spending more time on it. See this Pew study from before the midterms, where it’s the single most important issue among the voters they polled. (To be exact, democrat voters thought health care was more important, and republican voters thought the economy was more important - but on average, it was on top.)


RBG, our wall of sanity.


She’s really going to be notorious if she passes away and gives Trump his third justice. This “I’m with her” type of veneration is pretty stupid.


unfortunately our government cannot be given the same prognosis.