Trump defends tear gas church photo op: 'I think Christians think it was a beautiful picture'

Schadenfreude alert:


so now trump is shitting on christians

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…Although I’m not sure that the fact that Norman Vincent Peale sucked up to rich people like the Trump family (That’s where the money is, after all) implies that Trump was part of the Evangelical movement in any real sense.


And THAT is why voter suppression is so important to the GOP. I and others would argue that it is the people that didn’t vote in 2016 that put Trump into office.

Argueably, Carter was the most Christian president of the last 50 years and the evangelical Right HATE him with a fiery pashion


I think the Christians (including the actual pastor of St. John’s) who were driven off with tear gas don’t think it’s a beautiful picture at all.

But those Christians don’t count, just like the millions of other Americans who aren’t any type of Christian.

Other than in the moment, I haven’t heard any follow-up about that. How do you run the actual pastor off of their own church grounds and then say that you did it ‘for’ Christians?


The narrative he’s trying to create is: “I did a xtian thing and there are people out there persecuting me for that and challenging your beliefs so you should fight against them by supporting me.” The art of subtle manipulation as practiced by only the worst of narcissists. Get other people to go up against your enemies by making them think they themselves have also been slighted.


Does he actually believe all the controversy over that violent, blasphemous stunt is because people had issues with the lighting and composition?


Exactly. It’s weaponized religion – politics masquerading as religion. Problem is, faithful and obedient Christians do not question what their religious leaders tell them. The extreme religious right, which is political, has spent decades playing their long game to engage the faithful into voting a particular way.


It is one of the most disgusting things he has done and I was sickened by it. He is a blasphemous.heretic.

So no - not all Christians think it was a "beautiful picture.”


It’s because Carter actually understands and tries to follow the teachings of christ, and that would be completely antithetical to the late stage capitalist cruelty republicans rely so much on.

If they were forced to be compassionate and charitable to the poor, and to be intolerant of injustice they wouldn’t be nearly so rich. They hate jesus really.


Yes, when you put it so succinctly, yes, everything they do suddenly makes perfect sense! In spite of everything they may say, they do hate Jesus, don’t they!?!!


Jesus is more use to xtianists dead* than he was alive. It’s the same deal with MLK, who spoke of breaking unjust laws and Christian Socialism, but all they talk about is peaceful protests (which were brutally suppressed with the support of their parents and grandparents)

* Or resurrected and ascended to Heaven. The point is he isn’t around to tell them they are wrong.


No need – if Biden wins, Don rejects the results, starts Barr investigating “massive voter fraud,” and vows to stay, while his blueshirts and mercs maintain terror.


Fun fact: wanna go see The Donnie?

“By clicking register below, you are acknowledging that an inherent risk of exposure to COVID-19 exists in any public place where people are present. By attending the Rally, you and any guests voluntarily assume all risks related to exposure to COVID-19 and agree not to hold Donald J. Trump for President, Inc.; BOK Center; ASM Global; or any of their affiliates, directors, officers, employees, agents, contractors, or volunteers liable for any illness or injury”

I picked Forbes just more or less at random, you don’t need to click them. Search an outlet which suits you.

[ETA: Rob beat me to it, of course.]

I don’t think many people of those who go will die. But they certainly will infect others WHO FUCKING DIDN’T SIGN NO WAIVER, NO THEY DIDN’T.

Christians? What the FUCK is that pancake talking about?

I think the acolytes of the sitting excuse of an Naked Nero have gotten Matthew 4:7 all wrong. It doesn’t say the LOrd would not like you to be tested for Covid-19, or something similar.

Also, has that Combover Caligula already fired Milley and named his Incitatus?


He got his whitecollars preparing that, apparently.

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I’m sorry, but describing Mass Murderer Trump as a “greedy serial philanderer” is a bit like describing Stalin as a “heavy drinker with a bad temper.” I know you were trying to go for the specific traits that might trigger a specific kind of Christian, but still, this guy is an uncharged co-conspirator in so many crimes that he pretty much proves that American “Rule of Law” is a myth all by himself.


Personal lawsuits OK then?


No. It’s a test of your Christianity. Do you like the picture? Do you?


Who would Jesus gas?


Poor jesus.