Trump "frantic" as lawsuits fail and hopes for legislative coup dim

Safe For Work, but don’t step forward or back.


Some people have been suggesting that the Trump team’s plan is to drag this out as long as they can, but that doesn’t necessarily work in their favor either because they states can go ahead and finish certifying in the meantime as long as none of the courts order them not to.

The onus is on the plaintiffs to make a case for that extraordinary action, not on the defendants to prove they have a right to proceed with the certification. So if the defendants say “we don’t agree to the crazy briefing schedule requested by the prosecution” (which would leave them just 24 hours to put together their response) and the judge doesn’t see any compelling reason to force them to, then the State of Pennsylvania will be done certifying the vote before Trump’s goons even get their appeal heard.


I foresee the appeal being that it is unfair to require evidence when the fraud is so manifestly obvious due to the fact that Il Douche lost. That could only be due to fraud. Res Ipsat Loquitor.


Like foreplay

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Remember, Trumpists… it doesn’t matter

How hard you work for him
How loudly you praise him
How much you sacrifice for him
How lowly you debase yourself for him

He will always throw you under the bus in disgust at the end.

ETA: Sounds like Giuliani stabbed her in the back to give Trump a scapegoat for the debacle of a lawsuit in Pennslyvania. It will be fun to see what happens next time when Giuliani doesn’t have a woman to pin the blame on.

But Ms. Powell also made an easy target for deflection by Mr. Giuliani and others, as Mr. Trump vented his frustrations about the Pennsylvania judge’s scathing ruling.


No, the Democrats are so impotent they would find a way to trip on their own shoelaces on an open field.

However, if the future Democrat party also abandons political norms and grows a spine and starts to play ruthlessly, then perhaps?

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First Trump tried the courts. Now that that failed he is trying to get state legislators to assign the win to him by passing a bill. When that fails, he will try a military coup. Mark my words.

Trump failed Coup has reminded me of CGP Grey The Rules for Rulers.

It’s obvious that Trump never put in the effort to plan for losing the election. Thus why this coup attempt is so inept.

However by the end of that video, I’m left with the feeling that the GOP has on some level decided that they don’t care if the wealth in the US is destroyed. The GOP has for decades been effectively draining our collective wealth.

This can’t have gone unnoticed by other nations.


And how, in the U.S., is that supposed to work?


Ok, done.


The military hates his guts. They don’t need his bullshit. I suspect even the secret service is itching to toss him out.


If Trump was ever going to try that gambit then he should have spent the last four years buttering up the generals and placing competent allies in high places instead of demeaning the service and judgement of almost everyone under his command since day one.

Also, calling for legal military ballots to be cast out isn’t a great way to bolster his already poor approval rating among active-duty service members. It’s hard to imagine a scenario in which he’d be able to convince a critical mass of military personnel to take up arms against their fellow citizens to keep his sorry ass in that office.


I keep repeating myself, but:

Trump is the bus.



My thoughts as well, though I have considered running for office.

I’d be like a mini John Fetterman, I love that guy and his policies. I like how he frightens Republicans with both his appearance and his positions. I love that he’s extremely progressive, though his position on fracking is complicated to me.

In reality, while I’d happily smash podiums at the end of my speeches, and bring non-biblical fire and brimstone to congress along with some serious progressivism, I doubt anyone would vote for me.

I’m a godless metalhead with odd facial hair (I’m often seriously assumed Amish), but I don’t have Fetterman’s over 6 ft stature. I’m 5’7". None of that is popular with the normal electorate.

I’m used to being one of the smartest people in the room in many of the places I go but not enough to really stand out for it. I’m a type A personality that tries to take charge, but most of the time, noone listens to me. I don’t have a natural command and read of people, and both are critical in a good politician.

In short, I’d probably not be very good at the job because no one would listen to me and few people would probably want to befriend me in Congress.


Trump lost.
He lost… “like a dog! He was crying, he was screaming!”
(See what I did there?)



I just keep replaying that scene from Downfall over and over again in my head.


That would require the cooperation of the military, who loath him. He has his ICE and BoP thugs who are loyal to him, and enough local LEOs to cause some trouble as long as they are facing unarmed civilians, but without the actual military, he will get nowhere.


Don’t get your hopes up. He’s not going to get a divorce, re-marry, shoot himself, and be burned in a pit in the rose garden.

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Yep. The military hates Trump. Sure, there are more than a handful of die-hard Trumpers in their ranks. But if the military were ordered to do anything undemocratic against the citizens of the USA, those die-harders would be the first recipients of blanket parties. An actual armed rebellion, right now, has less than a snowman’s chance on the surface of the sun. The ONLY way Trump is going to steal this election is by crafting some legalistic, tortured path via a combination of courts, state legislatures and gaming the House, Senate and Supreme Court.

Trump’s chance of success via legalistic moves: 0.0001%
Trump’s chance of success via military: 0.0000001%
Trump’s chance of remaining alive after success of either of these options: <0.0000000000000001%


Oh believe me. I agree. But the election has been certified, so nothing will change here.