Trump: "I was always the best athlete"


I swear, I’m going to dance on that fucker’s grave one day; it’s on my damn bucket list.

It may be petty, but it’s true; and I cannot think of another human being about whom I’ve ever felt that way.


Ya, word is that he got bone spurs when he bumped his shins on the rim during a dunk that would make us all really, really proud.


It was so legendary that San Antonio even named their NBA team in honor of his feat.


I can. Not many, but there’s a few. Maybe I’m a petty person. Stanislaw Burzynski comes to mind. I hope he gets cancer and is forced to use his own treatments.


Don’t get me wrong; there are some people whom I utterly cannot stand… but even the worst person I’ve ever met doesn’t evoke this kind of malice in me. Maybe that’s just because that particular person doesn’t have the potential ability to fuck up life as we now know it for decades to come…


I honestly can’t say I’ve ever met someone who encompasses such a wide range of flaws into a single human being.


I’m sure other people exactly like that exist. They just don’t have an international stage on which they’re constantly displaying their complete assholery.


He has a hard time not being the best ever at anything he tries his hand at. Wall to wall flaws? NAILED IT!


Deep state. NSA disinformation. Obama Youth snatch teams.

You know how it is.


Fair point, but like manybells said, statistically speaking they must exist.



How exactly does this fit into a “Directory of Wonderful Things”?


What’s the objection to that?


If you don’t got it, shut the fuck up about it.


They change their positions when icons are added/removed meaning you often have to spend time looking for your icons.


Dancing on his grave wasn’t what I had in mind. You might want to wash your shoes after doing your jig.


Senile dementia? I’ll pass.




I have many icons on my desktop, organized carefully in groups, just so. I like it that way.

I suppose if someone actually wants to have their icons smashed against the left side of the monitor, that’s fine. However, there seems to be a group of stupid at Microsoft that feels that after a Windows crash, it’s a good thing to reset all the desktop icon positions. They weren’t doing that for many years, but that idiot idea seems to be back in the ascendancy in Windows 10, and it’s incredibly annoying. (And it makes absolutely no sense in crash recovery.)

It’s even dumber than to going to flat monochrome icons to support their tablets, which have been a sarlacc pit of failure since Windows Pen.

Soon I’ll have cut the last if my ties to Microsoft, for many reasons, but fucking with my desktop icons heads the list.


Many wished he didn’t run for President!