Watch a delivery person stand up for their right to deliver a package without harassment

Maybe they’re thinking of modern incidents or cases involving calling the manager or the cops. Now that smartphones make it easier for women to make those calls (and other people to record them), people get the impression that it’s mostly women who do this. I agree that people might be less likely to record a white man engaging in this behavior, because historically, they were the ones the women were calling to harm others on their behalf.


Wow, just had this conversation this AM about how normal words turn into insults with my 9y/o.

I think we were talking about the difference between a colt and a horse or a stag and a deer. Then we got into REALLY naughty names.

What do you call a female dog? How about a stubborn donkey?

She giggled and answered both without even thinking.

So I guess now “Karen” has officially replaced “bitch” so just call the dudes a “Jack-ass”. Or as I use in front of the kids a “Jack-hole”.

And as someone who still lives in Bean-town, I’d like to punch that North-End store bought cap right off his mass-hole head.

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Might be fnnch’s work.

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I almost didn’t watch because I thought it would be the same depressing shit. And it was of course, but damn that was funny, delivery dude is my new hero! :joy:


I understood that the address was a halfway house, so a little less damning, since many of them are labeled as such with plaques on the door, and no names will be given, though faces coming and going is a dox.


CATHARTIC! :expressionless:


Just watched that, and I wish I had the delivery guy’s level of coolness and eloquence when confronted like that! I can only think of the right response half an hour later…
Grace under pressure, indeed.
And another clue to ‘Dick’s’ character is the fact he carries his cellphone in one of those belt holster things - apologies to anyone here who uses one, but they’re so last century!

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L’esprit de l’escalier - Wikipedia
L’esprit de l’escalier or l’esprit d’escalier (UK: /lɛˌspriː d(ə l)ɛˈskæljeɪ/, US: /lɛˌspriː d(ə ˌl)ɛskəˈljeɪ/, French: [lɛspʁi d(ə l)ɛskalje]; literal translation ‘staircase wit’) is a French term used in English for the predicament of thinking of the perfect reply too late.

I’ve been at the bottom of that staircase with you. I’m the strawberry blonde who was smoking Camels.


I’m sure it’s easier when you get to practice every fucking day. :neutral_face:


As many have said, Kevin is kinda good (check the usual reddit subs and youtube videos). On the other hand, I’ve never met a Chad I’ve liked.

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Saw this today, about a Black woman who survived a scary encounter with a white male. Fortunately she got help (and witnesses):


Fun fact: a group of Karens and Kens is called “a privilege”


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