What the Bible *really* says about tearing immigrant kids from parents



So… same old same old is what you’re saying?


Pretty sure these particular idiot dogfuckers are pretty much on the “Hitler did nothing wrong” side of the fence… Also pretty sure that they truly believe that the big G is totally pro racial purity in a very aryan sense.


If Sessions and crew really believe this to be true why did they rebel against Obama when he was President?
It is such bullshit, a typical use of the bible to serve their own ends, find the one passage that justifies and ignore the hundred other that contradict them.


Not Madonna’s best film…


Well, Herod’s law was intended to separate them, but they fled and became refugees seeking asylum in another country.


According to this argument, the United States is illegitimate in the eyes of God. Sessions and Trump should really be submitting to the authority of Theresa May and Queen Victoria.


Chances there’s some report or specification somewhere that says that each dormitory space should have a certain number of decorative elements per square foot or whatever in order to keep the occupants calm and socialised.

So this room should have 5 decorative elements. And there they are.

Whaddaya mean, they should be arranged in some less menacing way? Or spread out a bit, in some sort of aesthetically pleasing fashion?

And yup, there’s this:

United Nations Rules for the Protection of Juveniles Deprived of their Liberty


D. Physical environment and accommodation

31. Juveniles deprived of their liberty have the right to facilities and services that meet all the requirements of health and human dignity.

32. The design of detention facilities for juveniles and the physical environment should be in keeping with the rehabilitative aim of residential treatment, with due regard to the need of the juvenile for privacy, sensory stimuli, opportunities for association with peers and participation in sports, physical exercise and leisure-time activities. The design and structure of juvenile detention facilities should be such as to minimize the risk of fire and to ensure safe evacuation from the premises. There should be an effective alarm system in case of fire, as well as formal and drilled procedures to ensure the safety of the juveniles. Detention facilities should not be located in areas where there are known health or other hazards or risks.


Who cares what the Bible says! The Bible can be used to support any action or position, and heir exact opposites too.*

* With the possible exception, A.F.A.I.K., of vertical video.



Seems to me like this is a simple case of denying people their rights to due process. People are having their liberty and property taken away before due process takes place.

No person shall … be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law …

Notice how it does not say citizen. That’s right kiddies. Locking people up, abducting their children, and stealing their property is not legal. You have to charge and convict someone in an actual court before you can do any of that.


Not sure if it’s been noted before in the various threads, but Jefferson Beauregard Sessions chose that specific Bible quote for a very good reason. He was dogwhistling to his Klan supporters as loudly as he could. That Bible passage is a favorite of people defending slavery.


You missed an important one, Rome.

If we are to follow the Trumpist interpretation of Romans 13 then those Christians should have performed that sacrifice to the Roman gods and the emperor, as well as following the many other laws that were incompatible with their beliefs.


It’s all a web of distractions from everything else.

Have read Naomi Klein’s Shock Doctrine? It’s literally Trump’s playbook. An unrelenting assault on the psyche of the population where a disaster creates the cover for sweeping changes that screw everyone over.

The only reason Trump hasn’t started a war yet is because he is so good at manufacturing controversy in every other sphere.


He mellowed out considerably when he had a kid.


How long until we get to start running medical experiments on these kids?


He used to get cranky when he didn’t get enough sheep and bullocks (and meal, and oil) on time. Then He learned how to eat souls….


This is one of the most frustrating aspects of modern (especially American) Protestantism. It puts the “personal relationship with God” at the center, which would be fine if it were tempered by something. What we’ve ended up with isn’t “My faith is based on my personal relationship with Jesus,” but “My personal relationship with Jesus and my personal understanding of scripture are inherently beyond questioning as it is a matter of personal faith.”

(Obligatory #NotAllProtestants. This is more a matter of the conservative culture-war types, generally referred to as Evangelicals.)


Huge Leader. Just tremendous. People look at him—they look at—they just gotta say, Wow! This guy, he just leads. No one has ever led as big as he leads, he—that’s what they call me, they say, Donald, you—everyone knows you lead bigger than any other president, no leader—no leader has ever led bigger than I have, the lamestream media won’t show you how huge I lead, but—huge, like the popular vote, three million fake—three million illegal voters—because they—it’s that they didn’t want to know how huge I was leading.


I know, right?!? That was delicious