White House doc claims Trump weighs only 239 pounds and liberals demand to see his girth cerficate

No, I’m presuming that 45 gets pissy like a toddler every time someone is “mean to him”; especially if other people are watching.

I’m sure that being so hated and constantly criticized is quite stressful for someone who’s such an apparent raging narcissist… and that’s one of the few cold comforts I cling to…

Another name, added to the list.


OK, so he is just an asshole.

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I’m still automatically adding “delusional” to the beginning of that descriptive; I don’t care what Doctor Ronnie-boy says:

"Dr. Jackson said that despite expressions of concern, a cognitive test was not indicated for Mr. Trump and he had not planned to conduct one at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda, Md., where the president underwent his annual physical on Friday.

“This has been the narrative for a while. He saw doing the physical as an opportunity to put some of that to rest,” Dr. Jackson said during a nearly hourlong question-and-answer session in the White House briefing room. “He actively asked me to include that in it, so we did.”

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@beschizza is a “girth certificate” a porn thing? I’ve seen “Boogie Nights” and no not recall such a requirement or achievement as it were. :grinning:



He’ll never make it.


What did they do back in the day?

“President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s Health Outstanding!” says doctor.


I think we have an old people problem.


Well he’s mostly full of hot air, doncha know.


In his mind:


why would there be any cost?
Trump is Commander in Chief so can’t he order any military officer to say whatever he wants?

and not insinuate anyone who’s fat is bad.

It’s not the fat, it’s the blatant, continuous lying.


If there’s something illegal about lying to the press about the president’s health, then I suppose he could disobey. He could also have his medical license revoked, but that’s contingent on the lies coming to light.

Which of course, if he accidentally does something to piss off the Prez, we’ve seen how it’s working out with Bannon. Bannon is either going to throw the Prez under the bus or purjor himself, so…


I don’t want to push a conspiracy theory but here’s two questions I have about that.

  1. Is it possible to study for the MCA?
  2. If so, did Trump specifically ask for the MCA (or would the choice of the MCA have been completely predictable).
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It should be remebered that “Ronnie Jackson” is Bob Hope’s character in “My Favourite Brunette.”


I considered that and I don’t think there is anything illegal about ordering someone to misrepresent his health report to the press.

nor do i think doing so would be grounds for a doctor to lose his medical license.


It is entirely possible to prep for most short-form mental health exams.

They are only really good for detecting obvious stuff like brain damage, serious dementia, ongoing violent psychosis and/or delusion.
If you want to detect the non-obvious, you need a 24-72 hour psych hold, with a team of observers.


Yeah, this is the political utility of arguing Trump’s weight: reminding everyone that everything he says is a lie.

People are pointing out that his height and weight match up perfectly with several NFL players, and yet they look very very different.



With an asshole like 45 how would you even know where to stick your finger in or up?


Donald Trump is the least obese man I have ever seen…


Trivia: one of the standard quick dementia checks is the MMSE. It’s routinely done for elderly or head-injured patients in hospitals.

One of the general knowledge questions traditionally included is “who is the US President?”.

Apparently, they’ve now started avoiding that question, as a large percentage of patients either refuse to answer or launch into lengthy bursts of expletives.