Trump the Chump


Since it appears, sadly, that Trump is going to be in the headlines for a while longer, we might as well consolidate the dossier on him for any comb-overs that happen to blow-in and other supporters who decide to uncloak and declare allegiance to their orange master.

Donald Trump suggests Hillary Clinton be shot to death for picking Supreme Court judges
Understanding Trump supporters, with empathy
O'Leary the Chump
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Mein Drumpf
Trump praises mass-execution of Muslims with bullets dipped in pigs' blood
Let me be clear

As recently as Dec, Trump University was the target of Fraud investigations in CA, and his home state of NY.

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No need to disappear until November @galaxies! Stick around here and defend the merits of your candidate.

I assure you, there are plenty of facts out there for me to argue every week for how horrible Trump is. I’d hate for you to miss it.


Here’s a collection of some special Trump moments that have already made the rounds:

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Trump warning us that light bulbs cause cancer:


Donald Trump, the birther:

Donald Trump warning us about global cooling

Donald Trump, the very intelligent person


“my IQ is one of the highest” had me rolling on the floor.

He doesn’t cite a number because he likely doesn’t even know what qualifies as a high IQ.


Reading tRump’s Twitter, I get the eerie impression that his PR manager is a retired heel from the WWE.


Why not. He’s a WWE Hall of Famer and hosted two Wrestlemanias.


It’s so high - the first number is a 9!


I’m sure MENSA would be happy to test him and make the results publicly available.


Maybe he does have a high IQ on tests; it’s possible. I don’t think the results would matter, honestly. Over the years I’ve learned that being smart, even extremely smart, doesn’t seem to prevent people from being spectacularly stupid.

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People have always called me smart, but really, I just have lots of info on niche subjects. Typically I just say, “I’m not smart. If I were smart, I’d know how to make decisions that make me happy.”




Now he’s calling to boycott Apple until they give up the password for the San Bernardino phone.


The Donald wants us all to be proud of his “restraint” for not going ballistic on a baby or insulting parents while delivering a speech.


I’m rarely speechless. This is one of those times where I just don’t have any words.


Dude knows how to set the bar really really low.


“Mooooom! Lookit how I’m not punching my brother! He’s been ‘not touching me’ all day and I haven’t smashed his face in the dog’s water dish once!”