Welfare check!




#Edited because this shit ain’t funny; it’s freakin’ horrifying.

If the victim was 5 months pregnant, she was almost certainly showing; meaning that whomever fired upon her had no regard whatsoever for an undeniably innocent life.


Renee Davis was five months pregnant when she was fatally shot by King County sheriff’s deputies checking on her welfare Friday night, according to her foster sister, Danielle Bargala.

Davis, 23, had struggled with depression, and had texted someone earlier that night to say she was in a bad way, according to Bargala. That person had alerted law enforcement, leading the deputies to arrive at Davis’ house on Muckleshoot tribal lands shortly after 6:30 p.m.

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Awe fuck.



You don’t send cops to do social worker’s jobs. Quit sending cops to do social worker’s jobs. That’s asking for dead people because cops aren’t trained how to de-escalate and help people in crisis. They’re trained to shoot people, and to arrest people. They are not trained to help people. Don’t send them in when someone needs help.


Well that instantly took all the mirth out of this post.

(Sorry if it wasn’t intended to be humorous; that wasn’t clear, initially.)

Damn, that’s so messed up.


Here’s another article about the same event.

The deputies then entered the home to do a welfare check on the 23-year-old woman.


Laugh, cry, yell at the clouds, I don’t judge.


This is what happens when you call the cops.


At this point, the only reason I’d call the cops is if I think the only way to solve the problem is with shooting.


I can’t even.


I can. I live one county north of King county and have seen how the King county sheriff deputies like to operate. For any given call there will always be at least two squad cars, and a K-9 unit SUV with extra weapons.

Because apparently a heavily developed, high-economic productivity area is a warzone :rolling_eyes:

IIRC King county also got a PATRIOT Act grant for a fleet of hovercraft that they don’t have any use for, because boats exist.

Maybe they’d be useful in Snohomish county, but I don’t really think so.

Killing anyone needs to be directly expensive to the officer pulling the trigger. It’s gotta be worth it to them. Right now we don’t prosecute wanton acts of the police murdering people, and it costs them nothing. I’d say it’s better to make any shooting cost cop a lot of money, than to both not prosecute them and give them no disincentive.


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