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Yes, it’s a guest author post but this really is is one of the best posts on BB that I’ve ever read. I feel Ms Herman’s thoughts shared here deserve an extra spotlight.


And this reply needs all the likes, I feel.

I really don’t want to post on that thread, I can’t add anything of value. But I think here, I can express incomprehension without distracting or highjacking the other thread. Or so I hope.

As a white and extremely privileged European male, I can’t understand how Jackie could say “No” to the question of she had something to add while someone told her any any other woman, in public, that this was (at least partly) her ‘choice’. I. Can’t. Understand.
Maybe I also just don’t want to.
And maybe that’s because I am a privileged male.
I don’t know. I have so many questions, but I might not even be able to listen to some of the answers. :cry:



For using “uniquity” in a sentence:





You people are disappointing me… how can this not have like a million likes?


This needs more likes…




Thanks I missed liking one of those.


Really, just go to that thread, and click like on all of @Magdalene posts. There are other good ones, too, but she’s really knocking it out of the park tonight.


That whole thread… just ugh.


Just full of victim blaming and doubling down on it… At this point, I’m not surprised at all by that.

But there are some brilliant and witty responses to that BS.



I <3 @Magdalene!