Trump's late night Twitter trouble


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If sleep deprivation blackened your soul, I’d be a lump of coal by now. However, Trump is clearly possessed by the deceased soul of Baron Vladimir Harkonnen.


A male being possessed by the soul of a deceased male ancestor?

Truly, Trump is the Kwisatz Haderach!

We’re doomed.


Am I the only one more confused by the article than enlightened? The base peak is only twenty and composed primarily of retweets, and the vast majority of peaks hover around five or so, except after a major event. I find myself going, “So?”

Have we really scraped the bottom of the barrel of Trump’s badness such that we need to make hugely meaningless infographics?



I get the feeling that the intent of the article was to show that he’s an emotional tweeter, rather than a carefully managed campaign account. But we already knew that, and his followers consider his volatility a feature, not a bug. I wouldn’t mind this non-news, except we have enough of this jackass in the media already.


Look, I think we can all agree that things like slut-shaming a Miss Universe winner from two decades ago for two hours at 3 AM on Twitter is Presidential, and the kind of thing Crooked Hillary wouldn’t do because she’d be sick and weak and sleeping.*

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Well no, not really. I just read a horrifying article about his involvement in the modeling industry.

But as for tweet histograms, yea that’s pretty much mined out.


I figure it’s a simple case of sleep tweeting: wash down an Ambien with a drink, pick up the phone, blam.


What, that little story about him importing teenage girls, having them work without a permit, and ripping them off in a thousand ways (like charging them far too much for rent)? That little piffle? Who doesn’t illegally import young girls for work and cheat them out of their pay? What do you people have against Trump the Job Creator and his Job Creation?*

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The Atlantic concludes his late-night Twitter binges follow “moments of stress or triumph.”

Read: when he’s coming down off of his amphetamines.


Sleep deprivation is known to cause, among other things, poor judgement and code that the unfortunate reviewer - OK me - was going to have to deal with.
“Hey, I pulled an all-nighter and it works.”
-inward groan
"Against the test suite?"
"Well, I didn’t have time for that."
That, and 2a.m. emails from the CEO demanding that we do something really, really stupid because the customer was shouting about it at midnight.


I thought there was some analysis that showed he tweeted from two different phones in two different ‘voices’. One droid and one iPhone, and the two voices are savvy / logical(ish) and the other, the 3 AM phone is full on howlingly awful. So the first phone is a campaign device that some staffer occasionally uses to try to build up some reality based cred, while the other is the Donald’s phone.




When you’re all coked out’a your freaking head you’ll do all sorts of stupid things, tRumps no exception.


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